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Girl's Club Ministry

Sis. Jackie Griffith – Coordinator
Sis. Traci Banks – Asst. Coordinator
Sis. Kim White – Asst. Coordinator

To provide leadership, discipleship and biblical training of the girls to
enhance their growth and opportunities to receive Jesus Christ as their
personal Lord and Savior. Assist in their growth and development to
establish her spiritual life teaching and the biblical pattern of holiness to
develop and nuture the Proverbs 31 Woman.

Sanctuary Princesses Counselor: Sis. Alfreda Walters

Our duty as Counselors is to introduce and teach our 2-5 year old
Princesses the understanding of the word of God and how to serve him.
To get them to connect to the word, we create games, puzzles and other
activities to make the information received easy to comprehend.

2-5 years old

Designed for Purpose Counselor: Sis. Mikaila Scott & Sis. Ilisha Griffith (1st-5th)

Welcomes all young girls 6-10 years old. Designed for Purpose is about
allowing the girls to be free, have self-confidence, learning and trying
new things, building new skills and getting to meet new friends in a safe
and supportive all-girl environment with guidance. My goal is to teach
and help the girls create a spiritual connection with God in a way they
will understand and also build a sisterhood.


Joyful Angels Counselors: Sis. Shereena Gray & Sis. Trudea Lamons (6th-8th)

Primary goals is to first help our girls develop a relationship with God,
improve competence, feel confident in who they are, develop strength
of character, respond to others and oneself with care and compassion,
create positive connections with peers and adults as well as learning to
be leaders and how not to be victims of Peer pressure. In doing this we
want to continue to evolve while reaching the World for Christ, One
person at a time.


Designed for Deliverance Counselors: Sis. Sharnee Wallace & Sis. Katelyn Woodfork (9th-12th)

Welcomes teenage girls into a safe and fun community of mentors and
peers who genuinely care about them as they learn about God, His
Word and His World. Jesus is and always will be the way, the truth, and
the life. And our goal is to reach every girl with the Good News of Jesus.
Designed for Deliverance inspires & enables all young girls, especially
those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive,
responsible, and God-fearing individuals.


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