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Audio Ministry

Elder Reginald Chappelle Jr.
Bro. Tearance Richardson
Bro. Antuan Brooks 

Purpose: To create quality sound worthy of God’s honor

Praise & Worship

Deacon Ronnie Bouie
Sis. Jackie Griffith
Sis. Celease Johnson


Sis. Shereena Gray
Sis. Chandra Johnson


Elder Leonard Banks
Elder Reginald Chappelle Jr.

Our Praise & Worship Team at Bible Church of God-West Palm
Beach sing praises unto God, ranging songs from old school
hymns to contemporary gospel sounds. According to the Word of
God Psalms 100: we are to make a joyful noise unto the Lord, in
unison with our church band to create a smooth blended sound.
Giving God the Praise is our ultimate goal, because we understand
that God abides in the praises of his people.


Mass Choir 

Sis. Cathy James, Director
Sis. Jackie Griffith, Chaplain
Sis. Wonder Bouie, Prayer Warrior
Sis. Chandra Johnson,Treasurer

Sis. Doris Oliver
Sis. Tonya Robinson
Sis. Tina Nelson
Sis. Sharnee Wallace

                                     Mark 16:15
And he said, into them, Go ye into all the world, and
preach the gospel to every creature. God designed a strong
foundation. Each person has a place, and none greater than the
other, to use as he see’s fit.

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