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Singles Ministry

Sis. Trudea Lamons, Singles Ministry Coordinator
Sis. Mia Scott, Asst Singles Ministry Coordinator

Singles Ministry goal is to first encourage both single men and women to
know their purpose in God. This will create a sense of belonging.
Everyone wants to be accepted by someone and this singles ministry
will help you walk with confidence and know that God has given you
freedom to live your best life in him. You will fall in love with being
God's Woman and God's Man. We look forward to seeing you as we plan
our social events in and out of church.

Marriage Ministry

Sis. Kimberly White, Marriage Ministry Coordinator

The purpose for our Marriage Ministry is to use long serving couples to
encourage, mentor, and provide support for couples during those
difficult times. We want to create environments that strengthens and
build healthy marriages.

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